Saturday, March 27, 2010

The word of the day is AWESOMENESS

Yeah, that’s me defined in one word today. Never mind the fact that today (the day that I had plan to do my makeup in a sunset-y awesomeness form) I’m wearing no makeup…nothing…zilch…zero…nada. Only moisturizer with SPF. Because I hate the sun.


I was trying really hard to go to bed early last night, but right after making dinner AKA my little healthy fish dish (remember? Lent) I remember I needed to download Jay Z’s “Empire State” and then the hubs requested Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”. Shut up. Don’t judge. I can attest he is not gay. The man can dance and has a broad spectrum. hehehe. Spectrum. Dirty.

Back to my night.
So here I was, jamming to Jay and Gaga and showing the little one to shake what his momma gave him (get it? me…momma) He only got as far as waving his hands in the air but I think he was trying to raised the roof…while waving his fish dinner all over the place…including his hair. AWESOMENESS.

Anyways, when I finally had taken a shower I found the hubs laying on his stomach in bed, his face between his hands staring at the TV like a 15yr old would be looking at one of the Jonas Brothers…all glittery eye…no, he was not watching HBO’s “The Bunny Ranch”…he is so much more complex than that. Yes sirree, he was watching “Gladiator” oh no, not the Russell Crowe-I-WANNA-BATHE-IN-YOUR-SWEAT one, nope. Apparently in 1992 this little gem came out:

Now, I’m a huge all-things-relate-to-boxing fax and ROCKY IV can be on TV all day and I’ll be a happy gal, but I never heard of this. So there I was trying to catch some Zzz’s while he constantly nudges at me telling me I was missing the fight. When I was finally able to sleep, the little one kept waking up coughing, the hubs took care of him since I had to be up early and he was staying home but you know how it is. I still I have the Mommy Sensor thing installed on me back in 1992 and I wake whenever I hear my kids move too much. That sensor doesn’t shut off- is better than any Mommy camera. Then around 2:50am the little one coughed so much he actually throw up all over his crib. The hubs picked him up, but being a guy he placed him down in our bed; so guess what? Yeah…he throws up all over our bed too. So I was changing sheets, mat pads, and the baby at 3am. More AWESOMENESS. Then up by 5am.

I’m telling you I look hot today.

O & O

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Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I'm commenting to myself that I AM not a FAX...I'm a FAN! UGH spelling