Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She said:Have you lost your mind? (Shakes head vehemently) ....nope, still squishing around up there

Like everything in life you make plans, and then something happens.
We took yet another trip to NYC this weekend to finish my dental work. After I finished with my Endodontist here and found out it was going to cost me $2,500 for the work AND that my regular dentist wanted $550 cash to see me again, we decided it was betterto go see my Dear Cousin the Dentist who would do it for…FREE! (and yes, unbelievable enough I DO have insurance).

(hubs driving)

So off we went Friday night after work, it tooks us 2 extra hours to get there due to construction on the turnpike and the GW Bridge.
My poor little angel got sick in the car and all over me. I’m lucky enough to be holding my kids when they decided to have a vomit fest but I don’t mind really, I’m already immune to vomit, poo and things of the sorts. I have superpowers.

Saturday, after the dentist we hang out at home and got ready for a birthday bash. If you know my hubs family they don’t need a reason to party but when they do is even more fun. Seriously had a blast, even though at times the floor fell like it was gonna cave. Seriously. Like in one of those Youtube videos where people are in the middle of the dance floor and then KAPUT. My friend kept holding to the window ledge, while I emphatically tried to get up while holding a sleeping baby. Fun times I say.

(us...Oh my Grandma, what a big nose you have)

Unfortunately said child got sick…vomiting, fever, not eating,etc… and we don’t know if it was the teething, the long trip or the cold but we (him and I) spent
the last two days cuddling at home watching Nick Jr and reruns of Law & Order (hey, there just so much Dora, Blues Clues, Woobzy I can take on one day).

Sick bubba, and sick bubba with Mommy with no sleep

us with no sleep

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