Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Favorites

Geez, I'll be surprise if anyone is still paying attention after my last few post.
What a drab. Debbie Downer. UGH.

Seriously, when did I turn into my mom-ster and just complain, complain and complain?

Ok, so maybe I had another BIG (enormous, Mega) complain about my BIL staying with us, but don't you worry...I torture my oldest to a game of "Mommy-is-turning-psycho-and-you-have-to-listen-to-me-complain-game. At the end I felt much better. He, on the other hand, may or may not have been in a corner in a fetal position saying "make her stop, make her stop"


But today is a great day, is a day in which I will show you my latest obsessions (like I need anymore). Just because I'm a mommy doesn't mean that I don't appreciated good makeup and looking stylish. Yeah, I say this while my 4 inch heels are driving me nuts, but I look hot in them damm it, so I MUST wear them.

First of all this little beauty is a savior, I've tried DHC Velvet Skin primer (received in a catalog as a sample)

and its magnificent but I'm not ready to pay shipping for beauty products. So I tried this one: L'Oreal Studio Magic Perfecting base ($10 @ Target, but someone says is $12.99). I love it. I use it after my Moisturizer and it makes my make up go on smooth, stay longer and have a nice finish. I guess you could also use this as an eye primer but I use UD Primer potion.

Then another product that I bought MONTHS ago (with a coupon, at Walmart) was the Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Complete Anti-Aging System (I got tired just typing that!)

It comes with a face wash, an eye cream, Daily Moisturizer w/SPF and a night cream. The only thing I ran out of is the Daily Moisturizer. These don't have a heavy scent and have actually improve the condition of my skin. I believe the entire kit was $30 but go to their website and they usually have a coupon.

Another great moisturizer is the Clinique Moisture Surge. I LOVE THIS STUFF, I WANT TO MARRY IT. I got it when the Class Action Cosmetic Cases Settlement of 2008– Consumers Got One Free Product. Or if you are sneaky like me you got maybe 3...I figure after a decade buying Clinique's products full price I deserved it. I no longer buy Clinique due to cost but if you can, this stuff will make your face feel amazing. I personally only used it at night since it does not have SPF.

I also bought back in the spring this eye shadow Palette from NYX Runway collection, there are a few different colors (I saw several people comparing it to the Kan Von D from Sephora, but I can't say) It works really well and it has really good color payoff. I believe is $10 in Ulta but I got it on sale.

Now what I'm looking forward to!!!
Yayyyyyyy giddy squeal!
OPI Swiss Collection...I love this, can wait to take a trip to Ulta to see these and maybe, just maybe get a new color.

And finally this amazing palette from Urban Decay called "Naked Palette" available in October.
If you have a chance go to youtube and see some wonderful tutorials with this palette.(I will suggest XSparkage or MakeUpGeek)
Happy window shopping!!!
Over & Out

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