Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reasons why I need a Maid aka I'm not cleaning this week

Yesterday was a long day. I was so very tired, like I haven't been in a while.
I was bathing the little guy, watching him splash the water around and giggle and then talking to me with his gibberish words. I believe he said he wanted a flying Delorian.

These days I'm so overwhelmed because I feel as I need to do everything perfect, and I get frustrated when I don't. I feel like I've been lacking my housewife skills. Or maybe that I could do more. How, I don't know. I need to organize my scrapbooks supplies so that I can have more access to it. Gawd knows I have no time, Don't believe me? here is recount of my day yesterday:

6:00am-wake up and shake husband to wake up
go to the kitchen and prepared the lunch bag for the little guy and my self.
empty the dishwasher

6:45am-bathroom time

7:00 get ready for work, put some makeup on
brush hair ('cause, yes...I have forgotten to do so before)
wake up little guy
make sure his bag is ready (I do this at night too, but I'm OCD)
make bed
take meat out for dinner
kiss older son and make sure he has food to eat (his cooking skills consist of turning the microwave on)

7:30am in the car driving to train station to drop husband

8:00am drop little guy at daycare, talk to his providers and put his food away
sneak out
drive to work

8:30am to 5:30pm Work, work, WoRk, wOrK, work, Work, work, WoRk, wOrK, work.

5:30pm drive to pick up little guy, ask about his day, make phone calls while driving home (hey, I'm sitting in traffic mind as well use the time)

6:00pm arrived home. The place is a mess, living room pillows all over the place, empty ice cream cartons on kitchen counter, dirty dishes in the sink, movies all over the place.
I pick up the place, throw the trash and put dishes in sink. Tell Son and BIL to please pick up their stuff and to not eat all the food in one day because I'm not going shopping again after spending $270 on groceries.

6:30pm BIL informs me he is hungry. Place little guy to watch cartoons while I make Tacos.

7:10pm serve dinner (yes, I can make Tacos in ½ hour- I rock!)

give dinner to little guy.
scarf down 1 taco.
Clean the little guy and play on the floor with him.
Make sure his lunch bag gets clean

8:15pm go pick up hubs at train station
stop at walmart to get pants for BIL, Hair gel for hubs, Ice cream for me (I soooo needed by now)

Almost 9:30pm get home, warm husbands food while he changes
bathe little guy, read him a book
get in bed with him and watch cartoons while he drinks his milk

10:00pm take a shower.
fix bed
get my clothes ready for the next day
get Little guys clothes for the next day
check his bag, make sure clean outfit is in there

almost 11:00pm talk to oldest son, BIL and hubs.
organize living room AGAIN
put toys away
make sure dishwasher is running (hubs cleans the kitchen and dinning room)
Think what I'm going to make for dinner the next day.
check thermostat (I'm not kidding, I check and adjust every night)

11:30pm in bed, trying to fall asleep, remember BIL has my BB, get up to charge it.
Back in bed
get up to check front door and stove. (can you say OCD?)
back in bed
Set up clock for the next day.
Usually I get up at least one more time because I forget my water bottle, or something else.
Doze off while watching TV (did I mention that the little guy still wakes up in the middle of the night? yeah...)

Now, some people would say that I don't go to Walmart every day, which is true, sometime is Target or the Supermarket for something we need. Sometimes hubs gets to the train by 7:15 which means I'll eat something AFTER picking him up. Sometimes he gets home much, much later than that so I have to do the kitchen and dishes too.

And you know what the kicker is? we pay more for daycare and then we do rent. So I'm working to pay for someone else to watch my kid while I work... to pay them to watch the kid. Vicious circle.

Yes, I though that maybe if I stay at home I will miss getting dressed and all ready for work, or the commadery of hanging with other adults and meeting for lunch. But maybe I will enjoy my day time while taking the kid to the park, I could have time to scrapbook and be crafty. Maybe I can cook earlier and not rush every where. Maybe I could spent my mornings drinking my coffee watching cartoons and thinking of something to bake. Maybe I can take a shower earlier. Maybe I''l have more time. Maybe I could meet my friends for a day trip. Maybe I don't have to spend my Thursdays cleaning since I could do one room each day.

Over & Out

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Jenni said...

Hi Patricia~

I can see why you are tired~ just reading about your day makes me feel tired! :) I hope you can get some rest and relaxation in! :)

Oh, and I am glad to know I'm not the only one who has to get back up to check the front door! I do, too~ almost every night!

Have a good night,