Friday, August 6, 2010

Obssesion #4

***I've done this design for Holiday's***

Nothing major happening here, except for the fact that I completely understand now why Hannibal Lecter decided to eat some annoying people...not that I would eat anybody-I'm too much of a picky eater.

Little guy has been teething and putting his little finger in his mouth and saying "owwww, owww" and wanting to be cuddle all the time. Which is perfectly OK with me. That's what I'm here for. That and the sexual favors to the hubs. Anyways, I figure I post about my obsession #4 NAILS!!!

Yeap, I love it. this is the ONLY thing I spend on myself that's not a complete necessity. It feels like a mini spa day to me. Also remember that besides the cat I have a household full of testosterone; I need my girly time darn it.

Once upon a time I used to do my hair in the salon, not out of a box from Walmart. I used to buy my makeup from Clinique and my shampoo was Biolage. Those days are long gone, but the one treat that I keep for me is my nails. I have very weak nails that look like I'm Cinderella's maid...prior marrying the Prince. THEY ARE BAD. I work in an office, so to me presentation is key.

the above image is not my feet/hands but again, I have done this in a shorter version

**very bad images (above-below) of my nails, french tip is a silver/glittery "Cut the Cake" color by Orly**

I do love nail polish so much, I love to look at the trendy colors. Here are my favorite colors that I've used lately:

above: "Rumples Wiggin" by *OPI* Shrek Collection, very beautiful Lavender

"Baby Cakes" by Essie, such a sweet color, it has an irradescent quality to it.

"For Aubrey" by China Glaze...inspired by Tiffany color

My favorite color in the whole wide world: OPI "Lincoln park after Dark" (there is also Lincoln Park after midnight and the Suede version of this color.

"My Private Jet" by OPI, is a glittey black color, perfect for Halloween/fall.

I do look a lot on for inspiration although most of their style is a little too "out there" for my taste. I go for the two extremes: Very light or very dark colors. Oh, and lets not forget this fabulous red-ignore the swollen feet from this post:

"Manicurist of Seville" by OPI

My other obsessions are:#1 shoes, #2 Big bold Jewlery, #3 Purses. I wish I can do the whole pedicure at home, but the belly gets in the way (I wish I was kidding). I will continue to post about other colors I find along the way. I hope you get inspired and go get a manicure & Pedicure. You know you deseve it!!!

Oh, and this is a great website to get nail polish for a LOT less than retail 8ty8beauty

Over & Out


Lissa said...

I never do my nails on my hands because i'm always digging in dirt or scrubbing something in the house. But it looks so nicely kept when your nails are done! I love a good pedicure though!

Struggler said...

Girl time is so important! I confess, I rarely get to my finger nails, but I do try to keep my toes semi-respectable :)