Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200

No wonder I hate Monopoly. Because even if try, I couldn't make this $#!& up.
Last night I was almost taken to jail. With my baby. AWESOME.
Did you read my previous post so you can be up to date where I'm at? Go ahead...I'll wait...
(game show music playing) You're back? cool. Moving on.
So BIL is here for a few weeks, he is a college student so when he comes, he works for a bit to make some cash. Last night I pick him up around 8pm (hubs was still at work).
I took the back road instead of the highway so I could go to a near by the supermarket. while I'm driving I see a cop car and he is looking straight at me. I knew he was
going to stop me because one of my lights is out. I don't freak since I never had any accidents, tickets (except for parking ones in NYC) and I drive like a grandma, my record is clean.
So he stopped me and said that my light was out and I told him I knew and I was going to get it fix this weekend, which is the truth. He took my Lic. and Registration and goes to his car.
He comes back a while later and I gave him my police family card. (Just in case you don't know, these cards are made of metal and engraved with the Cops batch number and your name and it states you are a direct family member to this Police Officer. They have to be order by the Officer and he has to pay a fee for them).

So he leaves, and 2 more cop cars come. BIL is wondering why and I say is probably for security. The Officer comes back to my car, asked me to turn the engine off and to get out. When I do he asked to turn around, face the car and leaves me there, spot light on me, and he is talking to another cop.
He then tells me my plates don't match my car, they say they belong to a Honda car. Also that my license is suspended. They can't tell me more because this is all from the previous state that we lived in. He said that if I have anyone here and I say no.

He said that in this situations, because of the status of the car I have to be taken in to custody.
I told him I understood, but what could I do because I have a baby in the car and I know nothing of this. The other officer asked me if a have a registration for the car, I said yes and that the other officer has it. It has my name, the plate number and everything, is not expired.

They asked me who is the officer that game the car and I tell them. They ask if BIL can drive the car and I tell them no, but I can call someone if that's what they want me to do. They asked me to go back to the car, and that he doesn't know 'cause he has to take me in...
so I wait in the car
and wait
and wait
and wait
He comes back with a warning for the light and tells me my cop card saved my a$$ and that I must go to the store in the corner and park there. To either leave the car or call someone to drive it. That him and the other officers will be passing and if I wasn't there he. WOULD.FIND.ME.

So we stopped there and HAD to call Sis to come and rescue us with her Hubs. Then she also have to pick up my hubs, who tought I was joking when I began telling this story. I have to think positive and be thankful I was not taking into custody. This week just gets better and better, huh?
So thank you to the person who game me my card and to my rescuing team. I think it is time for me to start drinking.
Over & Out


niartist said...

Hey! Where do I get a cop card!?!?!? LOL! SO glad you didn't get hauled off! :) Thanks for stopping by my RL post at Color Outside the Lines. I agree, doesn't read fall to me either - beautiful, but not fall. Is it the colors, you think? I mean - I get the layers and the texture, but it's nothing like the fall of years past with Indian Cove and Germaine collections. I don't know - maybe I'm out of the loop?

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Nina,
I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope you are doing okay sweet friend. My prayers are with you.

Blessings, ~Melissa