Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Should I be concern?

Uhm...should I be concern...

that the person filling my prescription doesn't know how to spell? Something tells me I should. How the heck do I know if they gave me the right thing? And don't get me started on the fact there where 4 people in the pharmacy, I was the only person in line and still had to wait 10 minutes to be helped. Customer Service just went to the crapper.

Oh, and I got a story to tell. OK, this is hysterical to me but may be shocking to some of you.

My BIL lacks, what should we say... a knack for using his brain cells. Don't get me wrong, he will graduate next year and will become a Dentist so he is not dumb. He just lack precaution and judging skills.

He and my hubs where born and raised in NYC but their family are from my homeland, from a town outside the city, where there's tons of farms and people think they are in the wild wild west.

The week before coming here he decided to mess around with a girl in his car. They went to a dark alley to do "dark alley" kind of stuff. Well it just so happens that a guy was killed in that alley the week before and the family of said guy was watching that area. when they saw my BIL car they decided to pay him a visit. They surrounded the car, took my BIL out of the car and pointed a gun at his head. They question him about what was he doing there. He was very lucky they just didn't shoot him right then and there. They have a shoot first, ask questions later attitud.

He is lucky enough that the Colonel in town is his uncle and one phone call cleared him away. (not after dealing with the police and having his car confiscated first). The kicker was that the girl is 16...he is 23.

Now before you go calling child services, that's not uncommon back home. I was 14 when I had my first boyfriend, he was 20. My dad is 10 years older than my Mom. Etc. But still I see that he should have known better.

So last night he gets a message that the girl's family found out about their alley adventure and decided to kick her out of the house, a little drastic if you ask me. Especially since he claims they didn't have intercourse. (fyi- this is not the funny part)

The part of my BIL freaking out because he thinks he may have to move her in with him is what I found hysterical. He was freaking out, and turned whiter than he already is. My hubs, being the big brother that he is, decided to use his Lawyer skills and have a laugh. He told my BIL that it didn't matter that nothing happen, that it was consider child abuse back home and that he may have to stay here. It went like this:

Hubs: oh, boy. call mom and tell her she has to let the girl move in.

BIL: but nothing happened! (panicking) NOTHING!

H: doesn't matter, she is a minor. looks like you got yourself a wifey.

BIL: no, I didn't f@#$ her!!!, I didn't f@#$ her!! noooo

me and hubs: tears streaming down, laughing so hard, bending over.

BIL: don't joke like that!!! (Serious face)

H: not a joke bro, you have to move her. The moment you get there the police is going to get you.


Us: Bwahahahaha

ok, so we are evil and we are going to hell, but we need to scare him so next time he cant think about the consequences of doing stupid stuff like this. Hubs is still torturing him, I stopped since I do feel bad for the guy.

Maybe this should be a good time to have a conversation with our 18 yr old....


Over & out

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Struggler said...

Well, as they say, intelligence is not necessarily the same as common sense.
I remember being 16. I'm not too shocked :)