Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What would you choose?

If you had a choice of being rich or having your life/family/husband/home, etc...what would you choose? Now don't go jumping into conclusions and saying "easy, my life now" because it is NOT that easy. It is not when you are dead broke and need urgently to pay stuff in order to survive.

A long while ago, when I was about 20, still in college and still naive, my second oldest Sister said to me she rather be rich than anything else. I thought that was strange and I asked her why.
She said this to me:" If I knew my husband was going to love me and be faithful, my children would never get sick and that I would be completely happy, then yes...I wouldn't mind not being rich. But since in most cases that's not what happens, I rather be rich. It would make things easier" I probably should mention that she is 13 yrs older and at the time going thru a divorce.
I always wonder about people who seem to have everything and still be miserable. (yeah-I'm looking at you Britney and Lindsey). How famous, Rich, beautiful intelligent woman get cheated on, their hearts broken and posted all over the news for everyone to see. Would they trade their fame and fortune to be a happy but broke wife?
I look at us...I love the hubs, he is meant for me in every way and he gets me and loves and would do anything for me and our kids. But we are struggling each and every week. Drowning. Not knowing what to do. We are a one family car, my days off are Thursday and Sunday, so a second job is next to impossible, especially with our oldest going to college. My life is like a wild ride everyday, with seldom time to lay low.
I see other blogs about couples trying so hard to have babies, or a mother writing letters to her daughter in case she dies. or the one struggling with illness, or being severely burn and not looking like she use to. Couples tying to work things out. So much struggle but in an entirely different way.
Would I rather have money but not been ale to get pregnant? Would I rather have a home but not be married? Would I rather know all my bills are paid but my hubs cheats on me and misstreat us?
I always pray to God to help us, not be Rich but to be confortable enough to pay our bills and have a decent life. I pray that I wont be jealous for those around me who have much more. I pray that I would be happy knowing that I'm blessed for being able to be married to the hubs, to have kids, to be healthy.
I pray...and I pray...cause this week has been really, really hard and awful.
Wont you pray for us too?
Over & Out


Lorie said...

It is so hard not to Be overwhelmed when in that kind of situation. I have been there and I am a HUGE worrier, so even when things weren't the worst I could make myself feel like they were.

I has to remind myself daily that faith and fear cannot exist in you at the same time. Sometimes even hourly. And He has always taken care of us. Maybe not in the way I wanted, but we always had what we needed.

I pray that you will find peace an a way to lighten your financial burdens. And I also pray that you will be able to focus on the joy of what you do gave until that happens.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Praying for you girl!!!