Monday, August 9, 2010

Dessert...and another ER visit

So our little guy is still sick. By Saturday he didn't have a fever and was finally eating. He was a little off, always wanting to be carried. He would be playing and all of the sudden scream. Sunday morning I was cuddling him after his milk and I notice what I though was a little heat rash in his face; but by the time he fell asleep his face was all red, like an allergic reaction and when I lifted his shirt it looked even worst so we rushed to the ER. (not to be dramatic but oldest is deadly allergic to Sulfa and once ended up staying 5 days in the hospital, so I take allergies very seriously).

Thankfully it was not. He has an "undetermined" contagious virus (thank you daycare) and an ear infection- which explains his painful Ow Ow all the time. He is taking antibiotics and already doing better. They told us to watch for "Dengue" and Malaria (come again?) due to our recent travel out of the US. So I have no idea what sleeping is...we basically nap thru the night.

Fun thing is that oldest kid is going to college to become a Doctor (pediatrician) but when he sat with the little guy so I could make some chicken quesadillas he asked:

"Is he contagious?"

Me: yes...

Him: whaaaaat?! and he jump so fast from the bed

I laugh and asked if he was going to do the same with his he sat back down. Plus since the AC is on, no windows are open, so we would get sick if that was the case. So what is a mother to do? Make Dessert of course!

This one is called "Dulce Frio" or Cold dessert (hey, I didn't name the darn thing!)
It seriously takes 15 minutes and they love it!

Dulce Frio

Lady fingers or Biscotti (enough to fill a 9x11 Pyrex)
1 can of Fruit Cocktail
1 Can of Sweetened Condense Milk
1 box of Vanilla Pudding
2 tsp of Rum (optional)

Prepared the Vanilla pudding according to directions on package, put aside.
Place the biscotti on the Pyrex, drain the fruit cocktail in a container and use that juice to mix it with the rum. If you are not using the rum just pour the liquid all over the biscotti. Then pour the Condense milk all over the biscotti.
Them pour the vanilla pudding all over making sure each biscotti is covered. Use the fruit cocktail on top of the vanilla pudding. Place this is the fridge and let it get cold and VOILA, you are done!

You can use fruit juice instead of the liquid from the fruit cocktail and replace the fruits with whatever fruits you have on hand, cut in cubes. This would look really nice in a Trifle Bowl too.

Oh, and please excuse the horrible lighting from our kitchen.
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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

poor thing!!!!! that dessert looks great!!!

Lorie said...

I hope he is feeling better soon.

The dessert looks yummy!