Friday, August 20, 2010

Ding-Dong the witch is gone!

OK, not the witch but a Warlock.
I'm talking about my dear Brother in law. He is finally leaving tomorrow. Yee Haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
I love him, I do. I wanna kill him most of the time (maybe not kill, just torture with a nail clipper). Let me just give you some facts about dear BIL: He is smart when he wants to- Next year he will be graduating college as a DDS (Dentist). He is also tall (6' 2" I believe).
The reason's why I'm mentioning these things is to establish that he is not a retarded midget, even though sometimes he may act like one. This is not the first time he stays with us and each time I get into hives by the second week he is here. Like the hubs, he was raised in a household with a lot of women as their Beck and call (Mother, Sister, Grandma, maid) so he doesn't know how to make a sandwich (I.KID.YOU.NOT).
He takes showers and leaves the baby tube in there with him- how does he fits there is beyond me. He leaves dishes in the sink even though the dishwasher is right next to it, leaves them also all over the house, in front of the PC, on the coffee table, etc. There is a pile of clothes in the bedroom (not even sure if its clean or dirty) and multiple things that would drive a normal person insane, imaine what it does to me: the OCD queen.
I could be sleeping the little guy and he would come to my room asking me to serve him dinner. SERVE HIM! Dinner was already made, all he had to do was serve it on a plate and he couldn't do that! UGH.
Plus he is working temporarily and I get to play Taxi Driver all over the place (this 'cause the hubs have been working his butt off and doing overtime). He is not evil and loves us very much, but I think 2 weeks is my limit of how long I can tolerate him.
And you bet I woke him up after going to sleep to make him pick up the empty container of ice cream that he had left on top of the computer desk (along with spoon and cup). Yeah, he is loving me today. I'll be celebrating on Sunday by staying in bed all day.
Over & Out


Lissa said...

i'm so sure that you love him dearly but being an OCD girl myself... that would make me crazy!!! koodos to you girl for keeping up with him!

Struggler said...

And does he read your blog??

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

hahahaha...nope he doesnt! But not to worry, he knows I'm OCD and that he drives me crazy.