Friday, January 29, 2010


I am mildly medicate.
I said mildly 'cause I could be taking Novocaine or something of the like but I do have a little more tolerance for pain. That and the fact that I.hate.pills. Stick me with needles, put an IV on, heck-I'll even take a suppository. UGH.

So in my quest of getting this stupid tooth fix (of course is not hurting now cause he knew we where going to the Dentist and he is a big fat chicken-the tooth that is) my regular Doctor send me to an specialist: an Endodontist.

His office was really nice. All of the employees where helpful and nice. Especially when it came to telling me that my insurance coverage had change and just for having one root canal done it would completely deplete it for the year.

I said:" OK, thanks"

Sat down.

Got up.

"what do you mean depleted? as in for an specialist or the whole thing?"

"yeah, the whole Dental Insurance coverage for the year would be depleted. Anything else would be out of pocket?"

"Uhm, that's a problem" Sat down.

I though seriously of saying forget it and leaving right then and there. Over $1000.00 for a Root canal? Did I mention I paid almost $100 biweekly for health Insurance? Doesn't seem fair...

The thing is I have seven (7) dentist in my family. Yeah~ you read right: SEVEN. (it will be eight when hubs brother finish college) This includes cousins, aunt, a brother in law and a sister. ALL FAR AWAY FROM ME. The closest one practices in NYC. I though maybe I should just go back to NYC again...By the time I was thinking all this they took me to the back.

Now, I have to give him props cause their office is really modern and beautiful. The guy was AMAZING, and I'm glad they send me his way. He was very gentle and tried to explain the procedures. Didn't hurt that he was good looking either (not cheat on my hubs gorgeous, besides I'm only allow to cheat with the 5 guys on my list *wink*)

He did a whole bunch of fancy stuff: Tooth pillow so I didn't have to maintain my mouth open like and idiot, had a water dam to protect me from swallowing even more water and stuff. He had a huge microscope that comes and looks at your teeth. fancy I tell 'ya.

I couldn't really tell which tooth was hurting so they did a cold test (DARN DARN DARN) and it shows which tooth is the most sensitive one. Turns out I needed TWO Root canals OY!...It bothers me because I do go regularly to the dentist and do the whole shebang of cleaning, mouthwash and stuff. So anyways, I laid thee for 2 ½ hours and I'm not done yet.

His assistant tells me to get up slowly.
She asks" Are you ok?, How are you feeling?"
Me: "like Rocky"
"UHm? You feel rocky?" looking at me concerned...

"nah" drooling on the one side of my mouth I can't feel or open " Like Rocky Balboa...ADRIAAAAAN"

She laugh...I hear giggles from the other room. My work here is done.

I have to go back in two weeks. Then to my regular dentist. FABULOUS.

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