Wednesday, January 20, 2010

75 ramdom things about me

Because the world needs to know even more about this wonderful creature called Moi! LOL and because a friend send it to me so I figure "why not?"

  1. I love the rain, yes, even driving in it.
  2. My favorite Artist of all time is a tie between Michael Jackson and Sting (female and close second Alanis Morissette)
  3. I stole a strawberry shortcake figurine when I was 10~ I lost said figurine the same day.
  4. there is nothing I like to do more to get relax than get my nails done
  5. if you pull my hair I’ll scratch your eyes out
  6. With that said I use to get in tons of fights in school. 99% of them where defending my younger sister.
  7. I come from a large family of 5 girls, one boy and one half brother. My Mom had 14 siblings and my Dad had 11.
  8. I don’t speak to my oldest sister and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  9. I love Vampire movies but hated the whole Twilight phenomenon; it wasn’t that great.
  10. I loved Anne Rice forever and have been to New Orleans and taken pictures of her home.
  11. I also met her and I have an email from her. And on that note I have a signed and numbered picture of her home
  12. I’m a very good listener.
  13. I tend to give great advice that I should be taking for myself
  14. I’m really bad with money
  15. Money has never been a priority for me (uhm, maybe that’s why I don’t have any)
  16. I love Mexican food
  17. I don’t really like alcoholic drinks, and if I drink any it would be something fruity. (like Hypnotic with Pineapple juice)
  18. I love to dance and do it almost daily…at random…even at work :)
  19. I don’t get Farmville nor do I care about it.
  20. If a show is really popular, I probably don’t watch it.
  21. That said, I’ve never seen American Idol, DWTS, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grace Anatomy, etc.
  22. My youngest son is name after a character from “Sex & the City”~he was the sweetest guy ever! Can you guess who?
  23. My oldest is name after a guy I had a crush in High school
  24. I’m extremely open minded
  25. My favorite jam is Guava (Caribbean fruit)
  26. I’ve never ever had a PB & J sandwich…nor do I want to.
  27. My Dad is my hero.
  28. I cry easily: listening to a song, remembering my kids, watching a movie, in graduations, etc.
  29. I love to read…I mean LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE to read.
  30. The scariest books I’ve ever read: “Absolute Fear” & “The Witching Hour”
  31. I don’t play any video games (I though Super Mario 3 was cool though)
  32. I’m intrigue by the human mind
  33. I watch/read/research way too much about crimes, serial killers and things of the sorts.
  34. I can watch “Snapped” everyday or anything crime related.
  35. I use to love horror movies, but after my last pregnancy-not so much
  36. I watched “The Ring” once and would never ever do it again, it scare the bejeezus out of me!
  37. My favorite Show of all time is “Gilmore Girls” helluu? Mom got pregnant at 17 and its now with a 17yr old daughter-sounds familiar?
  38. My Husband says I have the “Monica” complex (OCD and cleaning)
  39. Fall is my favorite season
  40. if I could, I would have a closet full of boots (dreaming of a black Hunters boot right now)
  41. I’m addicted to coffee ~ and on that note Starbucks is NOT my favorite
  42. In the last 2 yrs I’ve become addicted to makeup and watching tutorials on youtube
    my favorite desserts are Flan and something that is made out of beans J (Habichuelas con Dulce)
  43. I rather have dessert than a meal
  44. I’m always certain I’m going to win the HGTV Dream Home.
  45. I reeeeeally don’t like Apple Juice or Ice tea.
  46. My Favorite Holiday is Halloween
  47. I really want to get into running
  48. I don’t like anything fat free, sugar free or diet anything.
  49. Growing up I had nightmares in which my mom was coming to get me…go ahead- call Dr. Phil
  50. I absolutely love Martha! She can do no wrong in my book! (Stewart in case you are from Mars)
  51. My favorite video of all time is Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”
  52. My Favorite Song of all time is “Moon Over Bourbon Street” by Sting
  53. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World.
  54. I’ve also been to California, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Florida, NY, NJ, PA, MD, CT and Las Vegas!New Orleans is my favorite place bar none.
  55. I WILL visit even more places in the future J Ireland here I come!
  56. I love my husband with all my soul and I LOVE that he GETS me!
  57. I love White Chocolate and my favorite candy bar is Cookies & Cream by Hershey's
  58. I'm not allergic to them but I really don't like nuts
  59. I don’t like mint flavors in my dessert, coffee, candy, etc.
  60. My Favorite Clothing Store is Anne Taylor (Loft or no Loft)
  61. I have way too much useless information on my brain
  62. I love animals and don’t trust people that don’t…but no matter how much I love them, I love meat even more.
  63. There are too many things I want to do/create. I hope with the new place we get to do some.
  64. I’ve been wearing the same perfume since college, not the same bottle duh (yes, I have many others but there is one that is a staple)
  65. I absolutely and positively hate when a store promotes something and they don’t tell you there is a “hidden” condition. UGH!!! That drives me up the wall. Last store that did this to me was Bath & Body Works.
  66. I love some people that I do not necessarily like and vice versa.
  67. Taco Bell is a fast food heaven
  68. I love big bold jewelry
  69. I have an uncanny, deep to my core and soul believe in God but I don’t believe in hell.
  70. I’ve been trying really hard not to judge people.
  71. Growing up I wanted to be a Dr.
  72. I often think about people that I met thru out my life that I've lost contact with and wonder how they are.
  73. I’ve realized that no matter how accomplish I am and how much I actually love my job, I’ll be MUCH happier being a 50’s wife: baking, taking care of the house and the family.
  74. I will do anything in my power to help the people I care about.
  75. I’m so grateful that thru out my life there have been MANY people that love me for who I am and have helped me along the way.

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