Monday, January 25, 2010


I must be completely delusional 'cause we just came from NYC last around 10:30pm.
I'm so overly tired and feeling like a hooker after a day in a fair. Sweet.

We received good news this week: our oldest got his green card (which is not green btw) and he had to go back to school. You see, he is studying abroad on a private school. Thankfully -and do to his excellent grades {I'm bragging, I know} he was able to stay longer here until all his paperwork got sorted out.

So basically my weekend went like this:

I got up @ 5am on Saturday Morning, went to work till almost 3pm, came home, get everyone set, we drove to NYC arriving there a little pass 8:30pm. The little guy decided he was on party mode and didn't let us sleep at all. We had to get up at 4am to go to the Airport to drop off A. I'm telling you we looked like a hot mess, hair tangle, sleepy groggy faces...all except for the little guy that look like a Gerber baby.

Then we waited until he left, waited for my SIL to get there (which means us running to another terminal to get her and her family). Packed the car with 4 adults, 2 kids, 2 luggage, 1 bag, 2 baby bags, 2 strollers and everything else that was I know how it would be to work in the Circus.

We returned to their place and crashed trying to get some sleep. Again the little one had other plans. We order food , hang with family, ate some more, all in all great time which meant we left NYC late. Of course then my throat started hurting, not sure if I was getting sick again or too much talking but by the time we crossed Delaware I was so sick, headache, cough, the sorts. All I wanted was to get home and take a shower. Then get up today at 5ish to start the work week.

I have a major headache. I'm debating if I need to see a Dr. to check how my immune system is doing. I say he needs revamping. Either that or I need a day off from the world.

Over and Out

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