Friday, January 22, 2010

The End * Sniff*

We all know that my Moral Compass is a little…how should I say this…twisted?
Don’t get me wrong I’m a good person, just a little evil inside. (hollllaaaaaaa to my peeps) So there is no surprise that some really disturbing things fascinate me. Some are truly epic; like the one that just ended.

They get you addicted, show you there is something else out there, and give you just a little more, they reel you in…they keep you in suspense… and then WHAM they take it all away at once.

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you obviously have not seen the beautiful complex drama called “Jersey Shore

How am I going to get my fix now?
How am I going to cheer on when they have fights?
How can I get my doses of 20 jars of Gel?
Tell me how am I supposed to live without youuuuuuuuu… record scratching

I mean is not like every day you see a guy doing his GTL (Gym Tanning Laundry)

I am so crushing for Mike “the Situation” LOL He can cook, he can bench press, he can speak two languages (English and Guido),
and best of all he can take his shirt off 20 times without me even asking. Ahhhhhhh. so much inspiration. I mean seriously this is what I wanna be when I grow up. Just a bunch of crazy drinking fist pumping lunatics fighting over pickles and skanks.

And now it’s over, now I have to content myself with reruns of this magical hour until the DVD comes out. The hub thinks they should send them to Italy next summer just to see what antics they can pull off. I’m totally voting to make “the Situation” the national Spokesperson of the guidos. I think I'm in love. (he is the one neeling in the front)
I also think that Jwoww breast should have their own show. Then again she can created a video on how to beat up people...she is my hero. Who can get in to fights in stilettos? She can!!!!
Oh so many memories...the hater juice, the hot tub, Snooky falling all over the place, the drama between Sammie and Ronnie, Pauly D stalker...oh my. Thats it...I'm changing my name to P-Pumping!

Ahhhh, let me go work on my hair poof. Oh~and I've decided I'm totally going to be "Snooky" for Halloween...buahahaha

Over & Out


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I hate that this is over! I'm all about team Vinny and Team J-Woww! I am sick of people saying Sammie is the prettiest girl in the house - AS IF! Jen is way cuter!

Snookie is the best idea ever!!! HALLOWEEN YAYY!

Melissa Miller said...

I have never seen it but hear it's funny.

Have a great weekend. ~Melissa :)