Monday, January 18, 2010

I think they got me confused

There is something really odd about my junk email. Seriously.

I mean, the way they send the junk mail to me is quite hysterical. For one they are trying to get me free samples of a blue pill that I do not need- Thank Gawd- for another they are trying to get me to enlarge a certain piece of anatomy that I do not possess.

I think the junk mail people also have me confused with Pablo Escobar (with all due respect, I don’t want his living relatives coming after me).

Here is a sample of the subject on these emails: Replica watches, Rolex, the look for less. But now that I think about it Pablo surely had the real deal. Then it continues to "be a real man, show her a great time, it works everytime, how to be the best latin lover..." you get the idea. Then to top it all off: SINGLE RUSSIAN WOMEN…meet Beautiful Women, Sexy Blond 24, etc, etc, etc. So aparently I'm a latino man that can only think of one thing, looking for available women for sale, and fake watches.

There is not one thing targeted for my demographic, not even close. I think is Karma for working a few years ago in a sweat shop…errr…a Marketing Mailing List company. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

These places basically sell your information to other companies, base on income, sex, education, shopping history, etc. That’s right my friend, right now somewhere out there, some company is selling your name and address for a profit and there is nothing you can do about it. Let me explain: if you purchase with a credit card that basically puts your name in that company’s data base and they can in term sell those names. If you subscribe to their mailing list, yeap…name is there. If you though to buy a gift for your grandma or the crazy coworker that everyone gave you cash for and you decided to put it in your card…yes, your name is there. Newspaper subscription? Yes. Magazines? Yes. Wedding/Baby registry? That too. The only way you can stop this is by calling all the people that you’ve purchase or get catalogs from and ask them to remove you from their mailing list…and then pay only cash for EVERYTHING. No, I’m not kidding.

But look at the bright side, your mailbox will never EVER be empty.
So let me go see how much a fake Rolex cost. I can see a white suit in my future…Tony Montana Style ;)
Over & Out

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