Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adventures in Dating part Dos

First off I would like to say the following is not in any way, shape, or form trying to make this person seem bad. We are currently good friends and he was/is a nice person. But hey, a girl has to use every material she’s got. Not my fault I dated a bunch of sitcom characters :)

Mr. M and I meet while in college. He was the best dress guy in the whole place and I’m not even kidding. The guy never EVER wore sneakers to College which was an oddity. (let me take this moment to say that if you are not going to the gym or preparing to walk the mall with me, don’t wear them. I don’t like a man wearing sneakers) Also wore Shirts every single day. I mean not once did I see this guys in a T-shirt while out in public. Always well dress, smelling fantastic, shirt pressed, nice-clean shoes. We use to hang out with the same people. One day, we where sitting by the cafeteria and he was drawing something is his notebook, when I looked over it was me! I though it was really sweet. (insert warning instrumental music here...uhm...let's use the one from JAWS shall we?)

The next day when I showed up for work (in a small plaza, in a kind of like footlocker store), one of my coworkers pointed out that he had been there looking for me. I looked outside and saw M. sitting by. He saw me and came in and told me this: “Hey, good Morning, how are you?…I came to tell you that I like you” Say it with me: AAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

Of course I dumped current date #57 (which was the cheapo from this post) and proceeded to date Mr. M.
Now Mr. M had a secret, he was younger than me (not in a Mary Kate Letourneau young) and I didn't know this. True it was not by much, but you know the deal how girls mature faster than boys? so true.
At the beginning all was well, he was kind, polite, caring and a gentleman. He was smart and funny and had great taste in Music. I’ve already established he was a sharp dresser but what I’ve not said is how freaking fantastic his body was. Seriously, I’m talking Mark-Walberg-on-those-Calvin-Klein-underwear-adds good.

The guy went to the gym 6 days a week and on the seventh, he ran. Hold a second, let me wipe some drool. got it, carry on...

You are probably trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with him. And I tell you what it was: he was OBSESSED! I mean freakishly obsessed with me. Flattering at first, ‘cause C’mon- who doesn't want to be adored? plus I think I’m awesome, but it got so bad it was just... funny.

It started like this:
We would be talking on the phone…

Me: ok M. I’m gonna go take a shower and wash my hair so I call you when I’m done.
M.: OK, love ‘ya.
Hang up

5 minutes passed.
Ring, ring, ring

Me: alo?
M.: hi hon, what 'cha doing?
me: I told you, I am going to take a shower…
M.: oh, I though you would be done
Me: uhm, no. I’ve haven’t even got in yet…see I’m a GIRL…
M.: OK, call me when you are done
Me: Okidoki

5 minutes passed, me undressed in the bathroom.

RING, RING, RING... Mommy Dearest yelling that M. was on the phone. Me screaming back "tell him I’m in the bathroom and I call him back”…ring, ring, ring…3 more times bythe time it took me to shower. And that was just the beginning.

I would tell him that I was going shopping with my friend and he would call her cell phone 11,000 times asking me why was I spending time with her, that the time I was with her I could be with him instead, that why I didn't want to be with him, blah, blah, blah. At first I though he was insecure but then he got even more hysterical. Waiting for me after every class, constantly calling me or showing up where I was. My family has been a member of a Country Club forever and to attend their festivities you obviously had to be a member. I went to a picnic in said Club with the family, while walking around I found Mr. M (or rather he found me). He had jumped the fence in order to get in and see me.

Another time we where arguing and I decided to leave. We where in the parking lot at school and I got in my car and told him we would talk later when I cooled down. He said no ‘cause he knew I was going to dump him. I said I wouldn't but to let me leave…all this said with me at the wheel and him standing outside. Well, he decided he was not going to let me go and jumped on the hood of the car and grab to the wipers and said he was going with me. All this while I had a friend in the car and the entire building cheering and screaming for me to take off with him on top of my car. NICE. So I lowered the window to tell him he was being stupid, he jumped so fast I didn't had time to react and he put his hand inside and unlocked the car and got in the back refusing to get out. I had to drive him to his home and sit with him while he cried and cried and cried…

There was also the time when I was driving and he was arguing with me 'cause I wanted to go out with my friend. He jumped out of the moving car, roll over and start running in a Mission Impossible Style. I stopped the car and watched him ran away. I laugh so hard I had to park to the side to gain my composure. Then when I drove off and got home he called me to ask why I drove off. He apparently ran the block and expected me to be there waiting for him (don’t worry, I was only barely going 20Mph)

AGH, also I never saw a man that cried so freaking much. It was tiring and annoying and even though everything else was wonderful *WINK* I had to cut him loose. There was so many more incidents and so many more stuff but then this post would take forever. (like the time he showed up at Basking Robbins because I was with a guy friend and he found out and proceeded to insult me and screamed at me in front of everyone there? yeah…) We parted ways and eventually talked things out and he realized he acted psycho. We have become good friends and we are still in communication. He has a beautiful baby boy now and I wish him only the best 'cause overall he was very nice to me. (yeah, this is him)

Also, please take note that Ive NEVER felt threatened by him and he was never abusive, never raised a hand at me. Just saying…

Over & Out

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