Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't wanna grow up...I'm a Toys R Us kid...

I’m not gonna be 35, no Siree.

For a woman 35 can be a very scary number. 35 is when you are supposed to know who you are and what your destiny in life is. (now how the heck am I supposed to know that when it takes me forever just to shop for a t-shirt?). Thirty Five is when apparently your entire body is going to go KAPUT and things are gonna start falling off, dragging, sagging, it's when your internal clock is going to be ticking more like a time bomb. tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock BOOM God forbid you don’t have children by that time. You better hurry up because its ALL down hill from now on…or so they say.

You know when you feel like you are finally acting your age? yeaaaaaaah, I’m not there actually. Not even close. I don’t feel 35 and I certainly don’t act my age, whether that’s good or bad is yet to be determined. I’ve never been the mature responsible person that my parents wished me to be. It’s just not in me. I live to be happy and content.

Procrastinators!!!! unite and wave your hand in the air. WUAAAA WUUUAAAA (Hollaaaaaaaa to my peep Tori for dancing " ice ice baby" with me. *WINK*

I dance everyday (unless sick) and make jokes and laugh and act silly. I do irresponsible things on a daily basis and I’m proud of them.
I don’t ever want to loose my inner child. That little girl who is a screamer and thinks looking odd is fun, the one that breaks into a song and dance in the middle of the store and doesn’t care who is looking. The one who races in shopping carts just to make her baby laugh. The one who gets her IPod and dance her way around the office to the tune of Kat de Luna. The one who wrote a very wicked letter to Santa and post it on Facebook only to have everyone laughing. Yeah, I’m that girl.

My hubs knows this and loves me for this. Heck, he even agreed to dance in our wedding to the tune of "Baby got back"by Sir Mix-a-lot...yeah, fun times. (should I mention that my Mom was mortified and though I finally lost my mind? shake head, shake still squishing all up in there....Because in the mist of loosing it all even though I did cry I also did laugh. Because I don’t think I have to act a certain way just because other people say I have to.

Its fun to be the wild Aunt, the fun Mom, the crazy funny relative and friend that will crack a joke at her own expense.

I have a niece that is a wild orchid just like me. She is silly and fun, she would lie on the floor and refused to walk because she was doing a protest and was waiting for her Dad to come home. My Sister (her Mom) said to me: “She reminds me so much of you” I couldn't’t be more proud. My niece is 18 and plans to be a Doctor…I say she is going to be like Patch Adams.

My oldest told me the other day how lucky he is to have me as his Mom, and that we have a very especial relationship. This coming from a 17 yrs old is an odditity to me; at that age I hated my Mother. I’m glad he likes me. I seriously love that my relatives think I’m crazy, that they know I’m silly and that I will never ever be ordinary…there is nothing worst to me than to be ordinary, to be common, to be complacent.

I love that I can sing and dance at work, do an impersonation of Rocky Balboa screaming for Dragoor just push myself in my rolling chair all over the office and they think this is perfectly normal. Somehow they like me here. They told me and show me they do. It’s nice to be accepted for who I am.

The other day we where shopping at the Mall and stopped at Hot Topic, while my teenage son looked around and I was holding my little guy propped on my hips Indian style, a little girl came and say hi and asked me if he was my cousin. I said no, these are my babies. She looked at her mom, then at my kids, then at me…smiling she said: “Those are not your babies, you look too young to be a Mommy”…this was one of the highest compliment I've ever received.
I wanted to adopt her right then and there but her Mom said no...dang it. She was about 7 yrs old. I’m telling you, acting silly is keeping me young.

So this year (in a few months anyway) I will turn 35. I am no where near where I though I would be at this age. And you know what? That’s perfectly OK with me. I don’t want to get all serious but the truth is that I know that I'm in the path that I’m supposed to be. I’m with the person who is meant for me. I have the blessing of having two beautiful children, family that support us, friends that I will treasure forever and best of all and uncanny faith that guides me.

Now whats on the agenda for today? I hear there's a shipment of plutonium coming in on the docks...

Over & Out

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