Monday, January 24, 2011

Friend Making Mondays & a package

So Dear Kenz has another great FMM (oh and if you are looking to loose some pounds I strongly suggest joining her weekly challenge). Soooo this week we have the following:

Answer each question using only one word...

1. Where is your cell phone? neverland

2. Your most significant other? hero

3. Your hair? dye

4. Your mother? crazy

5. Your father? sick

6. Your favorite? nighttime

7. Your dream last night? vacation

8. Your favorite drink? coffee

9. Your dream/goal? size10

10. What room you are in? living room

11. Your hobby? crafts

12. Your fear?

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? thin

14. Where were you last night? train

15. Something that you aren't? selfish

16. Muffins? nope

17. Wish list item? boots

18. Where you grew up? Caribbean

19. Last thing you did? dinner

20. What are you wearing? sweats

21. Your TV? Nick Jr

22. Your pets? lazy

23. Friends? Family

24. Your life? blessed

25. Your mood? tired

26. Missing someone? yes

27. One place that I go to over and over? NYC

28. Something you want: kitchen aid mixer (me too!)

29. Your favorite store? Target

30. Your favorite color? Purple

Funny to read her and I had similar answers.
So another package finally arrive, this one from E.L.F makeup...everything was $1 and had great reviews...lets take a look...

The above eyelash curler has great reviews and from my one try it is really great, and for that price? even better!

Yes, some falsies because we all need some... here are some swatches...bad lighting, sorry

First in nail color smoky brown...perfect neutral
2. Brownie points luscious LL
3. Baby lips luscious liquid lipstick
4. Voodoo lipstick

the liquid lipsticks are glossy without being too sticky and all the lip items smell like Juicy fruit gum :) so far I am liking all these items. Have to try the nail polish for my next manicure but so far is creamy and dark. Lets hope is a 2 coats polish.

And here is a pic of my Lazy girl Pearl

She was playing with the string of A's balloon...she is like a small dog, really.

BTW my Mother in law had her surgery, it took longer than expected; they found something else and they are doing some additional test...we wont know for another week...then the hubs family has another family member in a coma...not a great week. Still praying...

Over & out

this post was so random but I need to rush to the train station now

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♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

Growing up in the Caribbean must have been beyond awesome. =) I know I love to visit. hehe