Monday, January 17, 2011

Us time

Do you ever want to grab a frying pan and hit your love one with it? No? guess is just me. Today has got me cranky. I'm OCD and anal retentive for a lot of stuff but some I consider common sense: if the garbage bag is closed, get a new one-do not place items on top of it.

If the little guy redecorates the living room, try to at least pick up a few items of the floor. Seems simple enough but it never fails that the men in this house seem to forget to do. Case in point:

After returning home from the GW to donate even more crap (they don't take TV's? did you know that?) I started making dinner...when all the sudden I realize the big kid and the hubs went to get a nap. seriously? at dinner time? they left me with the little kid and just went their Merry way without even saying anything.

I was ready to do a choke hold on them when the little guy started giggling. Then when he saw me move his high chair and he exclaimed so happily "Oh yeah"!. What can I say, the kid love his food. Then as I was trying to cool down his food he saw that it was chicken quesadillas- one of his favorite- so he yelled WAIT, WAIT 'cause he though I was taking the food back to the kitchen.

I enjoyed a nice dinner, just the two of us. He trying to talk to me in his little gibberish way, I responded with oh, yes and wao. We toasted over a sippy cup and a bottle of water... It reminded me that some days I do need the time to be just him and I. He didn't notice the other two gone, so maybe I should let it pass....this time.

Love you little guy, you melt me.

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Melissa said...

Oh that is SO sweet. The cutest picture of your baby.