Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today...is a life changing day

Today I woke up with a kiss in the forehead from the hubs. I got ready and took a peek outside, the newly snow had a thin layer of ice. Brrrr. I so did not wanted to go out there.
I came back home and found my two boys snuggle in our bed, then Big A got up and went to his room. My little darling and I stayed in bed most of the morning just cuddling and watching cartoons.

It was so simple and so calming, but me being me started thinking of other people and what their day must be like.

On a day like today someone was falling in love...while another one was getting their heart broken. On a day like today as I passed the Hospital on my way home, someone was receiving the worst news of their lives, or maybe another one was finally getting to heal. I wonder how many people where in pain...and I wonder how many precious babies where being born.

I wonder how many people where making love at that moment, how many where on their way to work, how many where comforting a sick child, how many where holding the hand of a love one saying good bye.

How many people where finally getting a job and how many where being lay off. How many important things happen on a day like today for so many people out there and yet the world kept turning.

Life goes on like they said. But I wonder if I'm the only one who wonders silly things like this.
Today is a life changing day and we should always do our best to make it count because after all, we don't know what tomorrow may hold.

Over & out
package #1 has arrived but I'll wait for the rest to get here so I can show you

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