Thursday, January 6, 2011

what's that smell?

That would be MOI and the fact that I was soooo freaking lucky to have a Hubs that understand that being a girl is complicated. I asked the hubs this past weekend if we could go to a Lush store in NYC and so we did!

I got only a few things and only because they where on sale but WOW that stuff smells divine. Here's what I got:

Top left: Honey I bathe the kids soap~ amazing Honey smell
Top right: Demon in the dark ~Fresh, minty and mysterious~ got this for the hubs
bottom left: Therapy bar, which is pure cocoa and Shea butter...this is for the pregger Sister
Bottom right: Soft Coeur~ chocolate and just melt between yous palms for a bit and applies like a lotion!
Love them, and there was so much more I love but I was good and stayed on budget. There are in a drawer in my room and I swear as soon as you come close you can smell these. I wanted to finish my Fortune cookie soaps before I use these but I couldn't wait so I tried Honey I bathe the kids...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Besides that their products are all natural and most of them vegan {if that's your thing} I also have to give props to the ladies there because they where very friendly, and made me feel welcome and where very eager to show me the products and answer questions. Sales pitch? you betcha, but it works. No one wants to shop where they feel like a 12 yr old in a China cabinet.

they even gave me a hand massage... what better way to feel pampered?

Oh yes, with this:

This is the Tarte Jewelry Box Limited Edition for Sephora

It has 32 eye shadows (16 matte and 16 shimmery) 8 lip glosses, highlighter and contour bronzer for the cheeks and 5 eye pencils. Perfect just to carry one thing instead of different items. The Hubs was bad and broke our no gifts for us policy and got me this for Christmas. He wuws me :)

I love that the eye shadows are full size and very pigmented. I use this on me and my SIL for New Years. I think is my new fav makeup palette! So I got spoiled and I loved every bit of it.
Now let me go smell my soaps again so my kid can look at me funny and have something else to tell his future therapist.

Over & Out

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Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

oh both of those look fabulous. I just read your comment and Im so sorry that you have had a tough year. Are things going okay now? You will be in my prayers!