Sunday, January 16, 2011

A latte bowl and a baby shower

It's been quite nice these days to be home. I'm finally doing what I've been wanting to do for so long. Over the Holidays I saw a picture of me and though "wow, I look so heavy on that picture" then I realize that the Truth is that is not the picture, is me. The longer I postpone this, the longer I would feel heavy and fat. So I started working out.

First I tried the zumba but that was too much for me, even though I love to dance. So now I'm walking at home and I feel great. Actually I feel like I'm about to pass 10 minutes after starting but once I'm done I feel FANTASTIC.

Also, like everyone else I've been decrapfiying the house. 'm one of those that have to have the fridge organize: Juice to the left, milk in the middle, water to the right { I'm cool like that} Anything that we haven't use since we moved here is out the door. I had a huge black garbage bag of clothes that I no longer wear so I donate those. Even the bathroom cabinet got a good organization. It looks so good, imagine that even Super A {oldest} said how nice and organize it looks.

**** I interrupt this blog to announce that the Hubs did a funky dance in the middle of the living room because the JETS are winning. He is such a dork!****

Today I dropped shopping bags upon shopping bags, upon more things of baby stuff back to my Sister. She is having a little one soon, so even more baby stuff will go her way, including baby toys because Aiden has been blessed with tons of toys and we really don't need him to have all that. I figure every time he gets a few more we will donate some of his old stuff.

I'm patiently {not} waiting for a few orders that I made online. For one Anthropoly has their famous Latte bows set of four for $7!!! yeap, these are usually $20 (set of 6 is $30 of different colors) so I couldn't pass them out. I figure since all of our Dinner wear is white I can bring some color with these. And maybe get a set of different colors annually, like Nienie does.

I also placed an order with E.L.F for some $1 makeup. They got great reviews, specially the lash curler so I'll let you know when I get those. Oh, and lets not forget my free nail polishes from Zoya. I'll see how I like them, but I wont buy from them again after my little incident {read previous post}.

I'm off to create a "cirque du Bebe" baby shower, I can't say much in case she sees this, but is going to be oh-so-cute :) and lets not forget that tonight is "Bridalplasty"~ this show is so ridiculous that it's fantastic. Plus the big kid and I have been watching movies together: "Once Bitten"{remember this from the 80's? Jim Carey's first movie? a classic}, then yesterday "Donney Darko" because we have never seen this, and today he has agreed to watch "Julie & Julia" with me...he must love me. *sigh*

Lean steak and twice bake potatoes? yes, thank you.
Over & out

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Melissa said...

Did you try the Zumba on the Wii or DVD's? I've really been wanting to try it but maybe I should lose some weight and get a little more in shape before I try it. I've only been doing games from the wii and am only on Day 13.