Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday by The Undomestic Momma

I'm joining the Undomesticated Momma with her top Tuesday!

Strange Addictions
Isn't that fun. I have to admit hers is also out there, so go check her out. Mine?

1. Vicks Vapor Rub
growing upI used to rub this like a face mask: all over my face, temples and even neck. Couldn't go to sleep without it until one day the Mom-ster took it away from me and said no more. Now I have one on my nightstand, and although I don't put it all over, I still have to put some inside my nostrils (a big no-no) every night.

2. Strange foods:

not sure if this would very uncommon here but is actually all over the homeland. We do not use mayo on sandwich's but KETCHUP. My oldest even has it with Tuna...ok, that one is a little gross. And we also love orange juice with milk! yumm.

Hope you are having a terrific day!

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Paige said...

Those are strange! Just stopping by from Taylor's link-up to say Hello. Have a great week!