Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It happened on a Monday

Some days I feel like I live in a sitcome (crazy neighboors and all). These are a few things that happened Monday...

~enjoyed my newly made garland

~ picked up my fixed boots. $13 for new heels, much better than buying new heels. I'm learning...slowly, but I am.

~ Aiden joins the tradition of drinking milk and Orange Juice...on his own may I add. He had his juice and decided to grab his bottle from the fridge.

~ Made another traditional meal, which combined Ketchup and hot sauce...I'm a mess!

~ return to the store with an Ice cream that was 3 months past expiration date. Got a brand new one for free :)

~ keeping with my new goals: I actually measure ½ cup (shows the 1 cup because the other one was dirty, but believe me I measure it!) of ice cream and THAT'S ALL I ATE :)

~ on the hunt for an EOS lip balm...now I can't find them, a few weeks ago they where staring me in the face everywhere.

~ I was bullied on FB. Seriously. Over NAIL POLISH!!!. I had a bad experience with the Customer Service of a Co. that was giving a free product. I believe in great service and no matter how many free items you give me I wont say otherwise. When I posted on their wall (as my last resort since they wouldn't return my calls-emails). Basically I was called ignorant, stupid, low life, etc for complaining about them. I keep replying very politely and sarcastically things like : "thanks, your comment has changed my life" or "yay, agreed" Or even making fun at how entertaining it must be for that Co. to see grown women attacking one another over polish. I ended up making my exit stating that I needed to polish my nails. Technology has strike again making cowards into bullys hiding behind a computer screen.

~ called the Mom-ster to find out how Dad is doing; Dad proceeds to tell me he is calling the police 'cause Mom hide his machete (seriously? Robert Rodriguez I'm blaming you)

~received a call back from Mom-ster crying. Dad (who has a mental illness) proceeds to cut her arm with a sharp tool. I panicked. Thankfully one of my sister's went to their home and Dad calmed down. I'm feeling sorry for her, I really am. My oldest asked me if I think this was karma. With all my heart I hope is not.

~decided after all the drama I was going to belch out a rendition of "Airplanes" all off key...on purposed. "Can we pretend that Aaaaairplanes in the niiiiiight skieeeees like shooting stars, I can really use a wish right noooooow, a wish right nooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww".

I seriously need to watch more mindless TV tonight. uhm....Brideplasty? I think so.

Over & out


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

that garland is so cute! BTW about the hgtv rate my space oh my gosh people are so mean on there..I stopped going on there too! Hope youve had a great weekend! xoxo

Melissa J said...

Wow sounds like quite the day! It's really great that you are measuring your treats. It's really hard to judge how much you're really eating otherwise. I've been tracking my calories and weigh and measure everything. It will be nice when I can trust myself to eyeball a serving.

EOS lip balm is my FAVORITE. Walgreens has it on sale that you can get it free with Register Rewards and I usually stock up. I love how I can leave it in the car and not worry about it melting.