Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top Ten Moments of 2010

This is proof of how much I love Ashley from Domestic Fashionista, she has this wonderful link party of the best of 2010, so of course I will join in!

You all know of my trials and tribulations but over all, the year ended better than it started. These are some of my favorite things from 2010: (in no particular order)

1. Getting a home again!

2. Our Bubba turning ONE

3. After 8 yrs of waiting and lots paperwork Alain finally comes to live with us

4. Aiden's Baptism back in the homeland

5. and while we were there, enjoying seeing our families again!

6. Aiden's first trip to a lake. This was awesome because we took this trip up to the Poconos, PA and got to see the hubs family

7. Another Wedding Anniversary. He loves and understands me. He is my rock and I love him. This road is so much easier because of him.

8. Alain graduated High School (with Honors may I add)

9. Family trip to the beach.; which was also Aiden's first time in a pool or the ocean. I love that we stayed all together, joking around, making meals together...good times.

10. Finally, all of our trips to NYC in which I am reminded that life is full of beauty, if you let it. That like always, I'm leaning on him and I'm never alone.

Thanks Ashley for allowing me to put things in perspective. THIS IS TO A GREAT 2011

Over & Out

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