Friday, January 21, 2011

On a Friday...

There hasn't been much going on right now so this is me just rambling about.
Today the Hubs is in NYC with his family, MIL is having her breast surgery today and we all pray it goes well...we know it will. It was weird not having hubs snoring next to me and I had a difficult time getting to sleep so I watch TV for a while.
Have you seen this show "Heavy" on A&E? I was finally able to catch it on Demand, and boy do I feel for them. Even though I am not as heavy as them I know the feeling of being made fun all the time. I hate when people seem to think is OK to tell someone they are fat. The fact is we all know, we have mirrors. It's hard for some people to see the person behind the weight. I like that the woman in the show had such a great attitude but I know some times we have that facade of laughing and being funny to hide how we really feel.

For the last 2 days I didn't exercised because I didn't feel so good, but I did manage to clean the entire house which included cleaning areas of the carpet by hand with a scrub brush...That has to count for some calorie burning, right? Riiiiiight?!

So here is what I got from Anthropologie...aren't they so freaking cool? That little envelope is where the packing slip comes in- how awesome!

Yay, my new Latte bowls! They bring so much color to my white dishes, too bad they ran out of the other colors, but I plan to buy another 6pcs set. They are the perfect size for breakfast cereal. Now I just have to wait for my other stuff to arrive.

Now I leave you with another beautiful shot of my Father's Orchids...these pictures where taken back home...I love these flowers. And yes, his bloom with several flowers at one time :)

Over & Out


Molly said...

those bowls are so cute! i need to add a little bit of color to my dishes.

i will keep your mil in my prayers.

Melissa said...

I don't have cable and didn't know about the program Heavy but I found the episodes on the A&E webpage and will have to watch them later. I really like your new dishes. I need to get some new smaller dishes to help stay on track with my diet.